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What is the casino associated with? These are unforgettable emotions and impressions of vivid victories and unexpected combinations, as well as gambling! Gambling establishments offer hundreds of games for every taste! And of course, Roulette, Blackjack, and Craps are very popular among beginners and professional players. You'll meet dozens of people near each gambling table.

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What is Craps?

Do you want to test your luck, being among fans of gambling? Enjoy game of dice! Craps has a fascinating game process, simple rules, and large winnings, the frequency of which depends on your actions. With each new dice throw, you'll freeze in anticipation of the result. You'll never forget the feeling of euphoria from a major victory!

Craps is one of the most popular gambling. Dice, roulette, and card games appeared in the first gambling establishments. But so far millions of players are throwing dice to get a winning combination and pick up their winnings!

What is the reason for such love? A unique game process gives a thrill and vivid impressions. The atmosphere of excitement and adrenaline hovers around the playing table. Frequent winnings can pleasantly surprise even a professional player. And finally, the simplicity of the rules that are easy to learn.

Play Craps online at OXI and see for yourself!

A little history about the Craps game

A gambling house or online casino pays special attention to Craps, along with roulette and other popular gambling games. The game of dice attracts the attention of a large number of gamblers, which is not surprising at all. People have been playing dice since ancient times.

Archaeologists from time to time find dice on the territory of the former Roman Empire, Ancient Egypt, China, etc. Regardless of culture and location, people threw dice. Yes, the rules and the size of the dice vary depending on the territory and time. But a lot of them have been found, which means that people have loved excitement and adrenaline since Antiquity!

The first mention of Craps appeared during the First Crusade. According to historians, then there was a prototype of gambling, which is now played by millions of gamblers around the world.

There are still disputes about the name of the modern game. Some believe that it originated in France. People often played dice on the street, squatting, for which passers-by called them toads (in French “crapauds”). Others associate the name with England, they believe that it came from the English “crabs”.

Modern Craps rules appeared in the early 20th century in the USA. In the gambling houses of New Orleans, players threw dice for the first time according to the new rules. 

How to play craps online?

OXI casino offers Canadians hundreds of games for every taste, including craps games online. If you have never thrown dice online, then you may have a question. What is about online craps for real money? Are there any differences between the classic and online versions of the game?

Online casino craps has the same rules as everyone's favorite version of the game in gambling establishments. The only difference is that a random number generator, which meets all the requirements of the certifying authorities, generates the result. But if you trust the gamblers and stickman more, try live craps online on OXI!

Of course, depending on the provider, Craps may have some additional conditions (for example, the number of players). But they do not affect the basic rules and objectives of the game, but only complement them, making the gameplay more interesting and exciting. Therefore, before enjoying online craps gambling, learn the rules of this game. They are simple and do not take up much of your time.

The goal of the game is to place a bet, get the desired combination of dice and collect the winnings. To gamble, you'll need the following inventory:

  1. Craps table. The table should have high rubberized sides. On the cloth, there are fields for bets with their names and payout coefficients. The classic rules allow up to 24 people to play, but their number may be less, depending on the variation of the game

  2. A pair of dice. This is the second main element of Craps. They are acrylic hexagonal dice. Numbers from 1 to 6 are marked with dots on each face of the dice. Dice are different from the dice of other games. Their faces should total seven. For example, 4 and 3, 2 and 5, etc.

  3. A Pucks chip with ON and OFF on different sides

Each player rolls the dice in turn. The transition from player to player occurs counterclockwise and depends on some game conditions. The player who rolls the dice is called the Shooter. At the beginning of the round, he is obliged to place a bet on the outcome of the round on the Pass or Don't Pass line. Other gamblers can wait or also place their bet. After that, the Croupier offers the Shooter to choose the dice. Usually, these are 3-5 pairs, from which one should be chosen. After the bet and the selection of dice, the game begins. An important condition of the throw is that the dice must hit and bounce off the back of the table.

Each round can be divided into two stages:

  1. Come Out Roll

  2. Point Roll

After making the correct roll, the dealer looks at the total result of two dice, from which further actions and winning/losing bets will be envied:

  • If the dice showed 2, 3, or 12, then the players who bet on Pass lose (on Don't Pass - win)

  • If the dice showed 7 or 11, then the gamblers who bet on Don't Pass lose (on Pass - win)

  • If the dice showed 4,5,6,8 and 9 (this number is called Point), then the game proceeds to the next round. The second round allows you to bet on other outcomes of the game

The second stage offers different outcomes for the players. 

Enjoy and get big wins!

Despite the simple rules, Craps has many different outcomes. Therefore, you need to be well versed in all the subtleties and nuances of the game. No strategy will always bring you big wins. This is the interest and excitement. Otherwise, it would be boring. Check your luck, adjust to the result of the first throw and correctly bet on the most likely winning outcome. Therefore, find out and remember the probability of winning different bets and outcomes. This will increase your chances of effective games and frequent wins!

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Craps Questions

How to start playing craps online on OXI?

Everything is simple. Join the big OXI family by registering on the website. Next, collect the starting bonuses (deposit replenishment, free spins, etc.), select a category, and enjoy online craps gambling!

What should I do if there are any problems?

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